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Being a conversation starter and enjoying a little adventure is why I am available to travel anywhere for speaking engagements. I thrive in having conversations with a variety of people at food, health and nutrition conferences, colleges and universities, corporate wellness programs, local interest groups and much more. 

My speaking engagements are interactive to provide a meaningful and educational way to discover something new. Each group is unique and I am happy to personally tailor a presentation to meet your needs. Please connect with me for more information. 

Review Quote

Reviews from the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting:

- What an amazing way to end the conference. Uplifting and inspired!

- Big hugs to Anne, when I think about this presentation I get chills because it was meaningful!

- Really gets you thinking about what you should be doing, in terms of passion!

- Found some inspiration, excellent for students and new grads.

- Loved this topic and Anne was very inspirational! Would enjoy seeing her again!

Review Quote

Reviews from the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting:

- Best speaker. Relevant to everyone, regardless of where they practice.

- This would be a great presentation for new dietitians.

- Excellent, very clear and personal touch

- Good, liked her story and how she adapted/made changes in her career to improve
   and change

- Amazing. I loved this so much.

- It helped me get to know a new person at the table.

- I liked her suggestion to have a philosophy!


Review Quote

Reviews from the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting:

- Truly appreciated her presentation. It was refreshing to have a speaker reflect on joys in ones life. Focusing on developing a philosophy was truly helpful.

- Speaker was very engaging and passion for what she does was obvious. She kept the audience involved and made examples used very universal.

- Great speaker- loved her interactive style

- IAfter this presentation, I will be drafting my own personal philosophy. I enjoyed the discussions around our table and learned more about the profession and where it can
take you.

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